Kalie Granier is a French interdisciplinary artist based in California. Her artistic practice explores life below the surface and the interdependence between humans and non-humans through ecofeminist values. She questions the links between our underwater environments, their ecosystems, and our human bodies in the new geological era to raise awareness of social and ecological imbalances, while imagining alternative narratives for a more equitable future. Her research lies at the intersection of art, science, and activism, with a focus on marine plants and relies on a close dialogue between scientists and environmentalists. Her ecological commitment is omnipresent in her creative process as she experiments with video, performance, up-cycling of local natural material gleaned from the beach, and the use of raw pigments in earth-based painting. Using emotions as a guideline, Kalie pursues a quest for collective consciousness and regenerative togetherness.

She is also the co-founder of Loud Spring, a european-american Art Tank/Collective (and 501c3 Org) based in San Francisco/Oakland, inspired by eco-feminism.

Kalie graduated (MA) from the ESAG, Penninghen School of Visual Art in Paris. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums in the US and Europe. ProArts Gallery (Oakland California), The MAH Museum, Radius Gallery, Seymour Museum (Santa Cruz, California), 836M Gallery, Reriddle Gallery, Saint Joseph’s Arts Foundation, Villa Albertine (San Francisco), Galerie Linz (Paris, France), Museum Centre del Carme (Valencia, Spain), Es Baluard Museum (Palma, Spain), Loop Festival (Barcelona, Spain) and LA NAU Cultural Center (University of Valencia, Spain).

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2006. Master Degree School of Visual Art, ESAG Penninghen, Paris, France
Professor and thesis advisor: Étienne Robial 

20021/2023. Native American Literature, Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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. A’ai project: Lecture – Center for Public Philosophy + Institute of the Arts and Sciences – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
. Publication and lecture –
Journal X – Cabrillo College – Santa Cruz, CA, USA
. Food for Thought Villa Albertine -March 29th
. Saint Joseph’s Arts Foundation
Site-specific installation The Realm of
Underwater Forests –
Villa Albertine San Francisco January/April
. Part of Marlands project

. Foro del SurAFD France – Court of law at Tucumán, Argentina – October
« Rural, Indigenous and Judicial Women for Climate Justice in the Post-Pandemic World »
. Seymour Museum
with Blue innovation – Santa Cruz, CA, USA – September
. Symbiocene Exhibition – Gallery L’Été des Serpents – Arles, France – June/August
. Solo Exhibition – Re.Riddle Gallery and Villa Albertine – San Francisco, USA – May/June
. Screening Medusa, talk and Publication in Journal X – Cabrillo College – Santa Cruz, CA, USA – May 6th
. POUSH  – Amphibies Exhibition – Paris, France – February

. POUSH  – Collective exhibition – Paris, France – November
. Es Baluard – Contemporary Art Museum de Palma – Balears, Spain – July
. Centro de Arte y Naturaleza Fondacion Buelas. Spain – May
. Cabrillo College: Journal X – Santa Cruz, CA, USA – April
. Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) – USA – March

. Official Selections  2 FEET: Short to the Point, LA Independent Women Film Award, Imagine this Women’s Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival…

. LOOP BARCELONA – Loop Festival – November
. CCC Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporania – Collective Exhibition – Valencia, Spain – October
. LA NAU Centre Cultural – Collective Exhibition – Valencia, Spain – October
. Posidonia Green Festival – Barcelone, Spain – December
. Foundation GoodPlanet – Paris, France – October

. Art-Science Residency: MARITMA01

. FEMMES D’ART (French Podcast)

. Co-founder of LOUD SPRING, and Ecofeminist Art Tank of Ideas & Actions.

. kasmé: Art Collaboration with the artist Esmeralda Da Costa. Paris/CA, USA

. 836M Gallery  – Collective Exhibition – San Francisco, USA – February

. Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History  (MAH Museum) – Santa Cruz, CA, USA – March
. Pro Arts Gallery – Oakland, CA, USA – October
. RADIUS Gallery – Santa Cruz, CA, USA – September

. Curator of Pulsions – San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Video of Pulsions

. Workshop Foundation Luma – Arles, France

. R.Blitzer Gallery. Santa Cruz, CA, USA – Solo Exhibition, Women’s Swim
  Curated by Gabrielle Haugen – First Friday November 3rd 
. AUCTION by Cornette de Saint Cyr – Paris, France – 5th of April

. Cheloudiakoff Gallery. Solo Exhibition, Odyssey – Belfort, France – September
. askART – askART, Fine Art Prices, Auction Records 
. MutualArt – https://www.mutualart.com/Artist/Kalie-Granier/6233B785BD652B03

. FONDATION LA MOUCHE: 5th season» – with Robert Schad & Anne Delfieu – France – July
. CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques) – http://www.cnap.fr/kalie-granier

. Art Élysées. FIAC 2014 LE « OFF ». Paris, France. October
. Linz Gallery. Solo Exhibition – Paris, France . June
. Art Residency. Song-zhuang, Beijing, China. April
Dock Sud Gallery

. Art Élysées. FIAC 2013 LE « OFF ». Paris. October
. OFF ART FAIR – in Brussels – site Tour and Taxi –
. Drawing Now Paris. Town Hall of the 5th. Paris
. Linz Gallery. 40, rue Quincampoix. 75004 Paris
. French Union of Maroco. Essaouira

. Jasmin Revolution. Paris
. Bresson Gallery. Béziers

. Care. H3 Gallery. Paris
. Place your bets. Galerie L’art de rien. 75018 Paris
. Painting & Poetry Collection. 75011 Paris
. Travels around the world