I wok with pacific marine algae of California and most particularly large brown algae seaweeds that named kelp or Nereocytis
Kelp is a foundational algae who serves as the building block for some of the richest ecosystems on the planet and releases a large amount of oxygen back to the atmosphere.
Kelp forests are essential to our survival, rivaling the terrestrial forest ecosystem’s reputation as the lungs of the earth.

. Picking up, gathering, and sorting kelp on the beaches of Santa Cruz, California.
 Some algae are collected wet and others dry.
. Designing and manufacturing of mask and shield structures in cardboard and papier maché.
. Cutting large wet kelp leaves.
. Gluing wet kelp on cardboard structures.
. Drying the kelp in the sun.
. The dry Kelp is sorted, de-sanded, and glued directly to the cardboard.
. All the materials used are organic.