Marítima’01 is an art project articulated around an art residence, based on the interest to the environmental situation of the Mediterranean Sea and its region.
Marítima’01 brings together contemporary artists and scientists to create artworks as a result from their dialogues and collaboration.


Priority Habitat – (WIP)

In connection with my work on the Kelp algae forests of the Pacific Ocean, I intend to study the Posidonia meadows, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea.

Posidonia is not an algae, but an underwater plant which, after flowering, produces a fruit called the olive of Mediterranean.

Like the Kelp, Posidonia is one of the first living organisms to appear on our planet. The dinosaurs walked on the same carpet of Posidonia leaves that can still be seen stranded on the beaches today. They are literally the lungs of the Earth because they release a large amount of oxygen and fix the carbon dioxide that causes climate change. Acting against the erosion of the seabed, Posidonia grasses are also the habitat of a gigantic ecosystem, both plant, and animal.

Like the Kelp forests, the Posidonia meadows are threatened. I would like to link this problem to the question of the territory and our borders with the living things.