Cheloudiakoff Gallery– Belfort – September 2016

AUCTION by « Cornette de Saint Cyr » – 5th of April

– – –

ODYSSEY, to my daughter

The first Odyssey is an amniotic one.

Ulysse’s story is about immersion in water. Bards, like pregnancy in a woman’s world, sang his wandering.
The uterine world is like a glass ceiling, where all senses bump into each other.
Conception, pregnancy, birth, are all terms that overwhelm the fields of perception.
The scene takes place off-screen and captivates your mind only with entreaties of poetic and creative filters.

Kalie’s graphic pattern works, swings between transparency and opacity until it draws overlapping plans;
which suggests an accumulation of skin layer. The eye becomes lost as the view is introduced to layers.

Alchemy of cells appears, revealing floating landscapes.
This Odyssey is rewritten on Tondi, circular paintings from the Renaissance, which were offered to new mothers.
The resonance between shape and depth come together, engulfed by underwater flora.
Now the eye wanders to the side as if fascinated by a light; this light of the first day, the first breath, the first look.