A series of rotative paintings where I explore the seaweed kingdom and its secrets. In this collection, I developed my own earth-based paint using raw pigments such as kelp bound to water-based glue to investigate elemental colors. 
These pieces are a tribute to Sedna who nourishes the local Inuit people when they help her by combing her tangled seaweed hair. The Inuit revere this sea goddess for abundant fish and calm waters. Seaweed has been around since well before the dawn of mankind and has had varying degrees of influence on societies throughout history. It plays an important role in the traditions and legends of the Northwest Coast people. Marine plants were around well before the Anthropocene and contribute to global survival. (Journal of Applied Phycology – 2020)

Pigment powders: Green and Blue spirulina, Kelp, Raw beetroot, Turmeric, Henna, Manjistha root, Jojoba, Annatto, and Charcoal.

Céline Jennison, social entrepreneur, and herbalist advised me with her knowledge and providing me annatto and other clays from ANATO used for cosmetic preparations.