A Sea Change, At Kelp’s Forest, is an interactive kelp installation.


This installation calls attention to the precarity of kelp ecosystems due to climate change and aims to contribute to the global efforts with kelp forest restoration via the examination of their variable structures, geographies, and interactions with human behavior.

Kelp forests, the largest of all marine algae, are considered to be one of the most dynamic ecosystems onearth, rivaling the terrestrial forest’s reputation as the “lungs of the earth.” As essential building blocks to some of the richest ecosystems on the planet, kelp forests sequester carbon and release oxygen back to the atmosphere, leading to cleaner water and air. They provide habitats and sanctuaries for thousands of marine species, effectively producing its own nutrients and energy using sunlight.

A portion of the proceeds from A Sea Change, At Kelp’s Forest will be donated to Reef Check Foundation, a non-profit organization leading citizen scientists to promote stewardship of sustainable reef communities worldwide.

Sound designer: Jorge Bachmann – Recycling wool ribbons from Joceleyne Gregoire

This installation is presented in collaboration with re.riddle GalleryVilla Albertine San Francisco and Cultural Services French Embassy in the United States, and generously supported by AFI Real Estate.